Ever thought about where your protein comes from…or better yet, how it’s made?

Whether you’ve been using protein supplements for a few months or a few years, more than likely you don’t know much about how your protein was made or where it came from. Don’t feel bad though. Up until now that information hasn’t been available. This is why we felt it was important to lift the veil of secrecy and give you an inside look into how our proteins are made, and the additional steps we take as a company to ensure each bottle of protein is of the highest quality.

At BPI Sports, they are committed to bringing you the best tasting and highest quality proteins – using only the finest ingredients, and the most precise manufacturing standards.

Every bottle of BPI’s proteins are made from a natural, cold temperature, micro-filtration process, resulting in a finished product that is extremely high in protein, while retaining the important micronutrients. Before our proteins ever leave the factory they are tested in the laboratory for accurate amounts of protein and consistency in quality. The final step is verification from ChromaDex®, just to be absolutely certain that it meets the BPI Standard of Quality.

What you see listed in our ingredients is what is inside our products. Nothing more. Nothing Less.





What goes into the verification process at Chromadex®?

  • ChromaDex® has audited our facilities and verified that we are compliant with cGMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, which are regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). cGMP’s provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.
  • With an array of the latest technologies and techniques, testing is performed on individual ingredients before blending. This ensures no protein “spiking” and that BPI’s products meet specifications for Ingredient Identity.
  • Final products are tested for microbials, heavy metals, and other contaminants that would alter the quality, taste, or uniformity in texture.
  • Most importantly, this is all monitored ongoing as part of a strict protocol designed and managed by ChromaDex®. In other words, anyone can randomly test their products to say they meet specification, but it only means something if it is 3rd Party and an ongoing protocol.
  • For more information on ChromaDex® verification please visit

Why Is Quality So Important In This Industry?

As the price of whey protein has shot up in recent years, so too have immoral practices by shady supplement companies looking to increase profit margins at the expense of – guess who? – the consumer. ” – Daniel Brown / Editor at Muscle and Fitness magazine

Results showed some products’ labels significantly overstated the protein content, slipping in amino acids and other substances and claiming them as protein on their labels. ” – Alex Morrell / Forbes Magazine

“For years, unscrupulous companies looking to save a buck could be as aggressive as a pro athlete looking to cheat a drug test” – Frank Jaksch / CEO of ChromaDex