These are the latest, cutting edge, single ingredient supplements as stand-alone products.
• Allows athletes to mix their own formulations.
• No redundant or counterintuitive additives.
• Ideal for athletes and coaches that want exact ratios of product and formulations.

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  • SSN Origins Betaine Anhydrous 300g

    SSN – Betain Anhydrous

    R169.99 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Positive effect on reducing inflammation.
    • Assisting with joint and liver health.
    • Positive impact on LDL cholesterol levels in humans.
    • An effective muscle builder.
    • Increases muscle hydration.
    • Supports overall health.
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  • SSN Origins Citrulline Malate

    SSN – Citrulline Malate-300G

    R249.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • A powerful and effective vasodilator utilized by bodybuilders and performance athletes to increase performance and workload, and delay fatigue.
    • Citrulline converts to L-arginine via the kidneys in the human body, which in turn is believed to significantly increase nitric oxide pathways.
    • Delaying fatigue and potentiating workload and output capability.
    • Assist muscle growth, recovery and repair as insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the human body.
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  • SSN Origins Cyclic Dextrin 300g

    SSN – Cyclic Dextrin

    R349.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • An extremely rapid gastric emptying effect.
    • A very low osmolality which is beneficial as osmotic pressure if an important factor that essentially determines the gastric emptying rate of a drink.
    • A nutrient pump.
    • A very high molecular weight – low effect on blood sugar.
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  • SSN Origins D-Aspartic Acid

    SSN – D Aspartic Acid

    R299.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Increases in natural and endogenous testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone production in men,
    • Greater testosterone levels will assist in greater lean mass accrual.
    • Pronounced strength and performance benefits and less body fat accumulation.
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  • SSN Origins L-Glutamine (002)

    SSN – L-Glutamine

    R219.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Assisting with recovery.
    • Enhancing muscle cell volume.
    • Preventing muscle catabolism by maintaining optimal muscle metabolism.
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  • SSN Origins BCAA 311 Orange

    SSN – Origins BCAA

    R199.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Supports by helping reduce muscle breakdown during training and/or whilst dieting.
    • Supports muscle growth.
    • Fuel muscle development.
    • Increase lean body mass
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  • SSN Origins Beta-Alanine

    SSN Beta- Alanine

    R199.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Increase in physical performance levels and muscular endurance rates in the 60–240-second range.
    • After ingestion, it is converted into carnosine which acts as a potent acid buffer in the body.
    • Prevent a drop in blood pH levels, as well as acting as protection from exercise-induced lactic acid production.
    • Main function is to increase Muscle Carnosine.
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  • SSN Origins Creatine Monohydrate

    SSN Creatin Monohydrate

    R129.95 Incl. VAT @ 14%
    • Increasing strength, power and lean body mass.
    • Benefits in high-intensity activities,
    • Intra-muscular energy during muscular contraction.
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