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OUTRAGE has landed in South Africa.

OUTRAGE from Nutrex Research Inc. is a product made for the gym rat looking for a vein busting, skin stretching, muscle swelling experience. With cutting-edge ingredients, like Hydromax® and Nitrosigine®, you get a product that will maximize your pump and amplify your gains.

Two major ingredients make this product effective. Nitrosigine is a safe, non-stimulant ingredient, clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels, boosting the amount of blood flow to working muscles. The next ingredient, Hydromax, is easily absorbed and distributed, increasing the concentration of fluid in the blood and tissues promoting hyperhydration.  Hyperhydration allows the body to store extra water, which delays the need for hydration and benefits your endurance.

OUTRAGE is free of proprietary blends, artificial color or dyes and mixes clear in water. This product also provides 30 servings to give you at least a month’s supply. Plus, OUTRAGE mixes well in only 6-8 oz of water so you can drink it quick and get to work. The refreshing taste of our two flavours—Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry — will definitely impress you.

A lot of products in the industry claim to give you incredible pumps, but make sure you check the label. We put GRAMS  (not a dusting) of Nitrosigine and Hydromax in OUTRAGE to feed your muscles with exactly what they need to perform, recover and enlarge. Go Harder. Train Longer. Get Stronger.